Timothy Harney
The Midway and the Men Who Stole Dolph's DogThe Fiddler at the CircusI Dreamed of Anselmo at The MidwayThe Circus ThievesDoveman at the MidwayThe Magician and the Trick with DovesGrillo's Last Day at the CircusGrillo Makes the Big TopJust Outside Her CircusCircus Study-Woman's HeadHead Study-Circus WomanHead Study-White DressMidway Worker with Blue CoatThe Tent Man's WifeThe Ring Master's SonMidway GuyTicket Boy, MidwayThe Clown Who Wanted EverythingHead Study-At the Big TopThe Barker's WifeThe Midway BarkerCircus Poet (Artaud)Horn Players in a Vagabond Band
Circus and Midway