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I have seen, on occasion, collage characterized as though it were some “category.” As though it was something distinct from or outside of paintings and drawings. In regard to my own work, it's more accurate I believe, to recognize collage as a process and a particular sensibility. Indeed, a process I have explored for over 25 years and a sensibility that I contend is integral to how my paintings and drawings evolve. The dialogue and correspondences in this body of work run deep and are as layered as the collages themselves.

The collage process allows me to shift and adjust relationships of shapes and sizes, ratios of color, as well as explore the marriage of different materials. While years ago I often began my collages with some specific narrative or literal image idea in mind, that hasn't been the case for some time now. That said, even in these recent collages that
develop more through free association and a kind of physical ordering focused on the play of shapes, often some literal reference or remembered place will make itself known in the process of making the piece. Sometimes the titles refer to such things.

My primary interest is in a specific piece's visual behavior.
T.H. 2012