Timothy Harney
There Were Cows and a Drummer and a ChildThe Drumming the Summer My Mother DiedThe Birds and Fish are YellowishA Stranger to HimselfRothko's Drummer, Two Rugs and a Russian PieceThe Fireman's Grandson (a remembered house)Woman with Wounded BirdWoman in GreenRailway ManI Thought I Heard Fritz Richmond SayOne of Cap's Men (the Firemen Series)Sometimes I Wake Up and See Bridget, Sometimes It's GrockBeneath the Awning on Portuguese HillMan With Pull Toy and Dead FlowersMilkman with Toy TrainMan with Small HouseMom Makes Latkes for Bloom and Jesus, Balthus Leaves the TableArmenian with Boat (In Memory of Bob)Annie and Harry's Dinner
Stories Without Words
Obviously, in addition to the decision making and the formal considerations I give my work, most, if not all my paintings, involve layers of information and multiple references in their imagery. While I am not a storyteller and don't aspire to be one through my paintings, I could, certainly, relate at least a dozen different stories about each painting.

Sometimes my paintings are of people I know or have known and sometimes they are of people I've invented. And the images that begin as “inventions”, sometimes mysteriously turn out to be of people I have known as well, family and friends.

Sometimes these paintings involve memories, family stories and true events. Sometimes these paintings are inventions of my imagination, composed of desired memories, tall tales from the family tree or fictitious events. I wouldn't paint them if I didn't mean them.